Dynamic Stratified Geology
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Mountain Sheep Canyon

Mountain Sheep canyon is the most secluded private canyon that we offer. It is an unspoiled treasure free from the crowds and chaos of other massive group tours. At 1.5 miles, it is the longest slot canyon in the area and provides more than moderate hiking adventure. This stunningly carved canyon provides a variety of colors throughout the day, with hallways of smooth, stratified, and classic Navajo sandstone.

  • More of a guided hike than a tour
  • Dynamic geology varies from narrow to wide passages
  • Requires the ability to climb up and down.
  • Involves navigating ladders and narrow scaffolded walkways
Difficulty: ****
Crowd Size: *
1.5 miles
Mountain Sheep Canyon is a more than moderate hike. We recommend hiking shoes and comfortable clothing.
Sandals, flip flops, skirts and dresses are not advised due to ladders and terrain.


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