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Owl Canyon

This mysterious canyon with exposed sandstone layers that create cliff shelves is the natural home of two families of great horned owls. A zoom lens is a must to photograph the owls and their nests from the vantage points on the tour. This slot canyon is the widest which allows more sunlight for warmer colors, it is known for its beautiful smooth whirlpool shapes. Our guides lead you through this peaceful and calm canyon away from the tourist crowds.
  • Observe the nesting habits of the Southwest's biggest owl, also called the tiger owl.
  • During mating season the male owl has been observed spreading its wingspan to attract a mate.
  • Notice the daytime food and habitat of the desert mice that the owls hunt at night.
  • Listen to the calls of the canyon and cactus wrens in a tour where animals outnumber humans.
Difficulty: ***
Crowd Size: *
.25 miles each way
Owl Canyon is a moderate hike with some climbing. We recommend solid shoes and comfortable clothing.
Flip flops, skirts and dresses are not advised due to the terrain.


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