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Upper Antelope Canyon

If a picture is worth 1000 words, a photo tour of this majestic cavern illuminated by the angled beams of light that move gently as the sun shifts across the sky could equal a whole bookshelf.

The sand bed of this canyon sits at the same elevation as the parking area, so the level of difficulty is low for people with limited walking mobility. There are no stairs, ladders or elevation changes. All sights are viewed looking upwards. Wheelchair users may be able to access about midway through the canyon before the path becomes too narrow to navigate.

  • Soaring 100-foot Navajo sandstone ceilings create incredible opportunities for photographic bliss
  • The light beams and sand drifts create breath-taking photographic moments
  • Since the height of the sand floor changes with each flood, no two visits are ever the same
  • Sight-seeing tours allow time for photographing light beams as they move through the canyon. Guides can share amazing photo tips for anything from smartphone cameras to DSLRs.
  • Photography tours will devote sufficient time to patiently perfect the angle and tripod setup.
Difficulty *
Crowd Size *****
.25 mile each way
Upper Antelope Canyon is much cooler than the outdoor temperature. In the summer, it provides welcome relief from the heat. Closed end shoes are recommended due to the sandy terrain, but flip-flops and sandals are acceptable. In the winter, warm coats and gloves are suggested.


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