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Rattlesnake Canyon

With narrow, twisted pathways that weave through the towering canyon like a snake, these colorful walls make Rattlesnake canyon a photographer's heaven and our guides' favorite place to take our guests. This canyon is geologically similar to Lower Antelope Canyon, but without the crowds and chaos. Because it is private and accessible by only our company, it is possible to explore the immense beauty of this moderately physically-challenging canyon without ever seeing another group.

The pathway in this canyon is dynamic and requires the ability to climb up, down, over and through walls of various steepness. The base is quite narrow in several places, requiring alternative footholds. The ability to step up above knee height and duck down below waist height is important. Ladders are used to navigate significant changes in the terrain. This tour ends at the top of a hill and requires hiking downhill through sandy soil to descend to the parking lot.

  • Rare evidence of the lives of ancient native dwellers as evidenced by engraved petroglyphs
  • This canyon is similar to a mild obstacle course that varies due to the rising and lowering of the sand floor during each flood.
  • It is best for guests who would prefer an adventure away from the massive crowds of Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon.
Difficulty: ****
Crowd Size: *
.75 miles roundtrip
Rattlesnake Canyon is a moderate hike we recommend solid shoes and comfortable clothing.
Skirts and dresses are not advised due to the ladders and the terrain.
In the winter, warm coats and gloves are suggested.


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