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Adventurous Antelope Canyon Tours (AACT) provides quality-guided sightseeing and photographic tours into slot canyons including Upper Antelope, Owl, Rattlesnake, and Mountain Sheep. We are the only tour company that has access to three private slot canyons so you can explore them without feeling crowded or rushed.

Let us show you our backyard, which just happens to have 60-foot cliffs carved by erosion and still inhabited by local wildlife. Unlike the crowd-filled Upper Antelope Canyon, we are able to take you to secluded slot canyons where the humans are still outnumbered by the animals. You will see the same winding paths the bobcats, coyotes, mice and owls explore.

***We operate on Mountain Standard Time (MST)***

We do not accept reservations via phone, e-mail, or through our contact form. All reservations are made on our Photographer and Sightseer pages.

What Makes AACPT unique?

  • We have 3 exclusive canyons, each with walls that have a different geological stories to tell.
  • We limit group sizes, so you can breathe and be astounded by the stillness.
  • A wide variety of tours with different degrees of difficulty.
  • We take care of the logistics such as transportation, weather monitoring, limited crowd control, so you can relax and be enchanted.
  • We share with you the connection between the Navajo people, the animals and the earth by telling the stories of our ancestors and our way of life.
  • We explain the importance of the ecological balance between man, animals and plants that sustains life in the southwestern desert.
  • We offer experiences that are appropriate for various levels of mobility, from flat sand beds to dynamic canyon formations.

Visit 4 Uniquely Beautiful Slot Canyons

AACPT offers 14 different tour packages that accommodate our guest specific needs. Whether you want to sightsee or photograph, AACPT has the tour for you.

Upper Antelope Canyon

Mountain Sheep Canyon

Owl Canyon

Rattlesnake Canyon


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